(C) London Marathon, press conference for Flora 1000 Mile Challenge, December 2002
(C) London Marathon, press conference for Flora 1000 Mile Challenge, December 2002



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January 2019

It is the 17th January as I write this. The first two weeks of the month I continued high mileage and I am finally tapering ready for the Athens 6 day race that starts on 28th January and finishes on 3rd February 2019. Although I have a few goals (and records) penciled in for this one, it is going to be a bit of a practice session so things may go pear shaped. I am frequently told I sleep too much in longer races (I am talking 6 days and beyond here) as I have gone 50 hours without sleep in a race previously. Although I usually rest for a few hours on the first couple of days, I rarely actually sleep, just toss and turn waiting for the clock to tick, so this time I am not planning on resting and will continue. The lesson to learn is whether or not the rest is important for me to continue at my race pace. Not something anyone can tell you, just go out and practice and experience it for myself.

So if you want to follow my progress there will be a live championchip board detailing progress of the runners. There is a big festival of running taking place, from 24 hour races up to 1,000 miles. The 6 day race I am taking part in joins the 1,000 mile and 1,000km runners in their last few days. They are races for the future for me. The tracking details will be on the website www.dayrunners.gr if you want to follow my progress.

I previously ran here in April 2011 when the weather was rather hot, some 750km that was (and still is) the British road record. The British V55 record is 524km and would like to think I am capable of that for starters.





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