Dave Cooper (RRC), presentation of National 100km Championships, April 2002
Dave Cooper (RRC), presentation of National 100km Championships, April 2002


Curent Sponsors:

As of 2016 Vitabiotics are my sole sponsor for products, supplying me (and Bill) with products. I currently buy my own shoes and kit and pay for all the races I take part in. If you would like to sponsor me, please make contact. Thanks.


Vitabiotics - Wellwoman

Vitabiotics supply me with products such as Wellwoman and Feroglobin to keep me fit and healthy to compete. Iron levels are particularly hard to keep in the normal range with the long distances completed. 

Northwest Investment Management (HK) Ltd

George Phillips, CEO, is an ultra-distance runner himself and so he understands the needs and cost associated with my big events and has kindly stepped on board to give much needed financial support. This means I can keep racing around the world in amazing places and attempt more world records.

Hoka One One shoes

I have worn several model of these shoes that feature a unique rolling motion to deliver superior underfoot performance. These shoes use up to 2.5 times the volume EVA in the midsole compared to standard running shoes, they offer outstanding impact absorption and high comfortable underfoot feel. I have now broke world records on the treadmill and road wearing these shoes. I ran 160 miles of the Ocean Floor Race in 2013 across the Western Sahara and 167 miles around the Grand Canyon in 2012 wearing these shoes and my feet finished in great shape and I was first lady in both events. They may look big and bulky but these are lighter than my previous standard training shoes.

Website: www.hokaoneone.com

Chia Charge

I have been using Chia Charge drinks and flapjack in my recent races such as Grand 2 Grand Ultra 167 miles and Ocean Floor Race 160 miles where I was first lady. The flapjacks are really soft and easy to eat and go down well in ultras. I will be using them in my next world record attempt at 6 days in Hungary in 2013. Chia means “strength” in the Aztec language and endurance is at the heart of the history of chia. For more information go to www.runningfood.co.uk.

Elete - electrolyte concentrate

I first used this while running the Al Andalus Ultra Trail in Spain in 2011. The weather was very hot for this multi-stage race and went off all my normal drinks. This was the only supplement I used during this event and went on to use it in The High. Due to the altitude fluid intake is higher than normal and again this served me well throughout the race, where I could barely take on board any food for the 37 hours it took me to run (and break the men’s course record by over 11 hours). Elete comes in a very practical 25ml bottle to add to water while running and is very small to carry. This is a natural supplement that is flavourless.

Website: www.eletewater.co.uk

Neovite - dairy protein

Neovite is a dairy protein powder from cows first milk, I add a teaspoon of this product to my drinks when running long distances to reduce digestive problems. I first used this when breaking the world record running from Land's End to John O'Groats in 2006. Having suffered from stress fractures this product also goes some way to helping bone
health and recovery. In 2012 I will be adding this product to my drinks yet again with a really busy year planned and more records to break.

Website: www.neovite.com


Based in Skelton Terry and Lesley have supported me for several years now, updating the sign-writing on my van with various races and other items that have needed logos to be added. Excellent service and excellent rates too.

Telephone 01287 654700
E-mail: terry@signznorth.fsnet.co.uk


Mannatech supplied me with nutritional products from 2000-2012.

Outside Interactive

A very unique idea! Having exceeded the outright record for running on a treadmill for a week, Gary kindly made contact with his product. You have to see these to really understand. There are various products designed for running on a treadmill to watch. There are pre-paced DVD's where you run a set pace and a set distance and try to keep up with the runners, there are classic routes, such as 10km and marathons, where you can run over the exact course experiencing the sights and things you will see on the way (can help in preparation for what to expect and can help to run a marathon at a set pace), or taking things "one step further" there is their Virtual Runner Software where, by wearing a simple footpod and on any treadmill, you interactively control the speed of the video by your pace running routes such as in Central Park in New York or the Boston Marathon. If racing's not your thing, coming soon are exotic destination runs such as in the hills and rice fields of Bali or a sunrise run in the Australian Outback (I have had a sneak preview and these are really beautiful, colourful and peaceful and exactly what I needed when running my treadmill run).

Website: www.outsideinteractive.net

Spira shoes

Spira sponsored me from 2009 – 2010.

Centurion Systems

Sharon with the magnet

After sustaining a stress fracture to my left hip in 2008 I was recommended by a good friend Anke, from Germany, to look into magnetic therapy for healing and came across this superb set up by Centurion Systems.

It is a pulsating magnet that you sit in (or can use on other body parts - knees, ankles) and promotes bone healing along with other therapeutic effects. As I was already aware that I had a low bone density (I am classed as Osteopaenic) my bone health is of great concern with the distances I run.

My diet is very healthy but there is little I could do to improve my bone density until I came across this equipment. I have been using it since July last year and returned to my sport to achieve a new personal best distance in my 24 hour event by the end of the year. The equipment can be purchased outright or temporarily hired out to see the effects, which is what I initially set out to do but is now permanently set up at home and used regularly every day. Do take a look at the systems as they really are a safe product to aid recovery from a number of problems.

Website: www.centurion-systems.co.uk

Darlington Building Society

Darlington Building Society supported me for the Badwater Ultramarathon, 135 miles across Death Valley in July 2009 and sponsored the Croft Circuit 6 Days which took place in February 2009.

Van ready for record attempt


EIM sponsored the Marathon des Sables 2008.

EIM – www.eimgroup.com

Sonic Relief 

During rehabilitation of my Achilles I used a small portable ultrasound device from www.MendMeShop.com , I used this for 5 minutes twice a day and was soon back running again.

Elle MacPherson Intimates

Elle Mac Pherson sponsored me for the year 2003 only. This paid for all my training expenses for that year including all kit, warm weather training and a trip to Taiwan to compete in the World 100km Championships. Elle also personally designed my own unique racing kit for the year.

Sponsors for Libyan Challenge 2007

EIM is paying the cost of entering the event.

University of Teesside is giving £1250 towards support to complete this event, such as equipment, use of the environmental chamber to acclimatise. Matthew Wright is co-ordinating the various disciplines of support such as nutrition, exercise physiology and biomechanics (very different running on soft sand and carrying a big ruck-sack). Darren Cooper from the Sport Injury side is trying to keep me injury free.

The Backpackers Shop, Guisborough is supplying all the equipment I need at cost price – GPS, sleeping bag, ruck-sack, sahara cap, waterproof socks etc.

Sponsors for LEJOG 2006

Sponsor Sharon
I am now looking for further sponsors for a new van. I use a converted van that I can sleep and cook in for events. When events require a lot of travelling and start early in the morning we sleep in the van overnight to save on costs and also it is nice to wake up at the event with no travelling to do. Also at 24 hour events it is a necessity, needing it to make hot food and drinks as required and supply my helpers with a roof to shelter from the weather and somewhere for me to change kit and sleep after the event.

I am a prolific racer having competed in over 50 races last year alone. My van is recognised by most athletes and can carry your logo and advertising. It can be used in any advertising campaigns and support material and am willing to turn up for special events.

Please contact me for details on becoming my new sponsor.

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