Sharon using the laptop computer on the Flora 1000 mile bus.
Sharon using the laptop computer on the Flora 1000 mile bus.


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Taken by Bill Gayter
This man plans to run the London Marathon tossing a pancake.

Sharon's diary

April 6th - 6.10pm Mile 841
Today Sharon has been 'resting' after yesterday's 2 1/2 hour run, and has run just 2 of today's 24 miles. Speaking from John Wilson Street, near Blackheath, on a cold and windy day, Sharon reports that leg massages from husband Bill have been helping her to recover from the extra miles she did on Saturday morning.

She is happy to hear that Northern Echo reporter, Mike Amos, is to travel to London again on Wednesday to do another in-depth interview.

Sharon reports that there is a lack of communication on the event bus and that people aren't all getting on well together. She is well aware though, that a week from now the 1000 miles and the marathon itself will all be over!

The competitors again appeared on the BBC's Sunday Grandstand programme today, and have been told that their final mile, number 1000, will be screened live next Sunday morning at 8.00am.

April 5th - 1.45pm approx Mile 812
Speaking from near Tower Bridge Sharon is feeling extra confident now after a successful 2 1/2 hour run this morning. She ran a loop around London's docklands without her mask as the pollution levels are lower there. Having now run a significant distance on tired legs she feels she can confidently predict her marathon finishing time and race pace. Before the 2 1/2 hour run it was impossible to say how she would feel on a long run after 6 weeks of a mile every hour. Sharon was accompanied by Bill who cycled the distance with her and is happy to say she didn't suffer any blisters from the extra miles.

The organisers have changed the format for the last 4 days of the event, which will now be held indoors in the London Arena. All the competitors in the London Marathon - some 40,000 runners - must visit the Arena to pick up their running number at some point between Wednesday morning and Saturday evening, so the organisers hope this will be a good opportunity to raise some money for the charities involved. The charities are: Children with leukemia, British Heart Foundation, Shelter and Outward Bound.

For the athletes themselves it's a great opportunity to see friends and running colleages who are competing in the marathon and should be a good moral booster. For Sharon it is also a relief to spend some time away from the congested city roads, which they have spent the last 5 weeks walking or running, and which have caused her problems with her asthma.

April 3rd - 6.30pm Mile 771
It's been another good day for Sharon today, managing to get 6 miles of running in. Sharon says she taking it easy over the next few days, her best miles today was 6mins43secs.

It was 3rd Medical today after completing 3/4 of the challenge so far, the medical went well and she will have to have another before the Marathon next week. At the start and the half way mark and at the end all the competitors have to give a blood sample.

Sharon's coughing has got loads better with the aid of the mask, but this morning she forgot to wear it and instantly started coughing, someone pointed out that she didn't have her mask on. So it goes to show that it is working. Sharon's looking forward to running in the Guisborough hills where there's lots of clean air.

It's still M&S food on the menu as it's one of the best places on route for food. When I spoke to Sharon today she did sound very refreshed after spend some time in one of the Health Clubs on route, she'd enjoyed a well deserved Cannon Spa Bath, where you lay on a board and a jet of water is sprayed at you.

April 2nd - 6.30pm Mile 744
Today has been another routine day in London for the five remaining competitors. Sharon is feeling good and still has no problems to report, and has just grabbed the chance of a shower in a fire station in Greenwich. She has run 8 of the miles today and completed 3 of them in under 7 minutes.

Later tonight they reach the 750 mile point, 3/4 of the Challenge completed, and tomorrow will get their third major medical since the Challenge started on 2nd March.

April 1st - 12.00noon Mile 713
Sharon is just enjoying a massage from husband Bill in the Horseguards Hotel and after the next 2 miles are completed it's Canon's Health Club for an invigorating spa bath!

Sharon is running 6 of the miles today and tomorrow will do more and increase the pace slightly. She is beginning to feel more confident about the marathon itself which is just 12 days away.

Paul and his helper Howard played a good April Fool's joke at 1am this morning. They swapped clothes, numbers and glasses and Paul carried the fold up chair his helper usually has. Near the end of the hour Paul could apparently be seen staggering and falling over and in great danger of not finishing the mile in time. The referee Hugh Jones nearly panicked and rushed off to help him before realising that Paul had already crossed the line!

On a more serious note, David came very close to being disqualified after the referee on duty neglected to inform him or his helper of a route change. David walked off on the normal route down The Mall and after realising there was a problem had to run his fastest mile yet to finish the mile within the hour.

Sharon was encouraged to hear she appeared on the local TV news last night, and informs us that the BBC are again filming for a Sunday Grandstand slot this weekend.

March 31st - 7.15pm Mile 697
Speaking from Decathlon car park near Canada Water tube station, Sharon reports another warm and sunny in London. She has run 8 of the miles today and yesterday with a fastest time of 6.42.

Losing the hour on Sunday night was initially hard work - losing an hours sleep and getting in to the new routine. She didn't manage to get any extra sleep to make up for the hour lost as the bus was too noisy.

Sharon has a new night-time helper, Ramona, who is also a 100km runner. Sharon is hoping Ramona will be selected for the GB team for 24 hour running by attempting to beat the selection time in Apeldoorn 6 weeks after London Marathon.

The competitors will shortly be passing the 700 mile mark. Sharon is feeling fine but today has seen the return of her troublesome cough. However she is enjoying getting back into running and is feeling the fitness building back up in preparation for the marathon in less than 2 weeks time.


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