Sharon using the laptop computer on the Flora 1000 mile bus.
Sharon using the laptop computer on the Flora 1000 mile bus.


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Taken by Bill Gayter
Interview by Hazel Irvine just before the final mile.

Sharon's diary

April 13th Mile 1000 + Marathon Day
After completing their 1000th mile at about 8.45am on the Sunday morning the 5 remaining challengers went head to head in the London Marathon.

Shona Crombie-Hicks won the event in a time of 3.08 with Sharon following in a time of 3.34.
Sharon said "I give it to Shona and have every respect for her. That was a fantastic time, but I'm pleased I have achieved the Challenge".

Paul Selby came in 10 minutes after Sharon and won the mens race in 3.44. David Lake, in his first marathon, crossed the line in 4.15, and Rory finished with a time of 4.21.

A full report, in Sharon's own words, will follow later this week.

April 11th
- 6.30pm approx Mile 962
Today the runners have been given new numbers for the marathon. Sharon will no longer be wearing number 59884 as now all 5 competitors will be wearing number 1000 front and back. Hopefully this will make them easier to pick out of the crowd! Keep an eye out during the BBC's coverage from 8am on Sunday.

It has been another busy day full of interviews and Sharon, David and Shona also appeared live on the Richard & Judy TV Show. Life at the expo is hectic, and Sharon has seen lots of running friends who have come to London for the marathon. It has been a sunny day, and although there is unsettled weather predicted for Saturday the forecast for Sunday is dry with a temperature of approx 12 degreeC.

This is the last update to be posted while the Challenge is still running, although Sharon will be putting a report of the last couple of days and the marathon itself on the site next week.

Speaking from the London Arena Sharon says:

"It's been a tough challenge, but I am still feeling good. I am confident of my marathon time and am just hoping it will be good enough! I would like to thank everyone who has supported me during the Challenge and I would like to wish all my fellow competitors Good Luck for the marathon on Sunday".

April 10th - 6.30pm approx Mile 938
Today's update comes from Bill as Sharon is busy being interviewed by Runners World magazine. Life at the London Arena is proving to be hectic, but Sharon is still feeling good.

Today they have had snowfall in London and rain showers in the afternoon. Sharon has only been running a couple of the days' miles and doing plenty of stretching to prepare for Sunday's marathon.

April 9th - 12.20pm Mile 907

This morning the athletes joined ex-boxer Michael Watson to open the London Marathon Expo at the London Arena. All 33,000 marathon runners have to visit the expo between now and Saturday night to pick up their running numbers, and Sharon has already seen a few familiar faces! The bus is parked just a few feet from the main entrance and so far it's proving to be a good morale booster for all concerned.

They have had mixed weather today including a big hail shower, and have been very busy with media interviews.

Michael Watson with competitors

Sharon has been given the number 59884 for Sundays marathon, and will start with the other 1000 Mile Challenge survivors from the Green Start area reserved for celebrity runners.

Sharon had another route finding problem last night. There was a route change due to the daytime hours now being spent at the London Arena but Sharon went off on the normal route.
Luckily the organisers followed her and took her back to the start of the mile and she managed to complete the mile before the hours deadline.

April 8th - 6.30pm Mile 890
On a cool but sunny day in London Sharon is still feeling good, and today has enjoyed what will probably be her last Cannon's spa bath. From tomorrow the competitors will be spending part of the day completing their miles indoors in the London Arena, and at night-time will we going to the London Marathon finish and back. At 10.00am tomorrow the competitors will officially open the London Marathon Expo at the Arena.

Today the Evening Standard have visited and got a team photo for Mile 888, and tomorrow the Daily Mail will be interviewing the athletes. Sharon is also expecting to see Mike Amos from the Northern Echo.

Sharon has Nannette helping her with the remaining night shifts and in the early hours of itomorrow morning, the competitors will reach the 900 mile mark.

April 7th - 12.00pm Mile 859
Sharon has run 4 of the miles this morning but will be walking the rest of them today while she is still 'resting' after Saturday's long run. Sharon is still feeling good and maintaining a consistent sleep pattern getting 5 to 6 hours every night spread over 12 hours.

She and Bill have had to make do with a MacDonalds for their lunch as they are at Pennyfields in the middle of a dual carriageway, which is about 15 miles into the London Marathon route.

Sharon is focussing on the marathon itself now but is also looking forward to the 900 mile mark, which will be reached in the early hours of Wednesday morning. While the 600, 700 and 800 mile points did not see great celebrations, Sharon believes the 900 mile point will be a good moral booster as the subsequent miles will just be in double figures! She is happy to tell us that the miles that are now left are only just over what she has done as a personal best in a 24hour race - 136 miles! However, Sharon is also looking forward now to the end of the event and getting away from London and back to normal life in Guisborough.

The five remaining athletes might unfortunately be difficult to pick out on marathon day as they may not be wearing any particular colour and their running partners may be just as nondescript. Sharon, who has been lacking much of her running kit throughout the Challenge, thinks that she will be given an official Adidas London Marathon kit when they visit the Expo at the London Arena for the last 4 days of the Challenge. The kit is a white top with some red and blue on it and royal blue shorts so keep an eye out during the BBC coverage next Sunday!


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