Lands End to John O Groats
Lands End to John O Groats

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Your good luck messages to Sharon

UPDATE - 16th September 9am

Sharon called this morning from Wick campsite having got to bed about 1.30am. She said as she was finishing last night she didn't get as emotional as she'd expected, in fact it was just a huge relief to finish! It is taking a while to sink in that she has finished and knocked over 17.5 hours off the previous record.

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Her feet are really bad today, even when she is resting they are just throbbing and even made it difficult to sleep last night. Talking of her experiences along the way she said the sleep deprivation was worse than she had anticipated and caused greater problems than she had foreseen especially the days she spent walking. She also said the worst of the 4 hour sessions was always the last one in the dark with a headtorch, that was always tough.

They plan to set off for home about 10am and have a celebratory lunch with the support team on the way home around Perth or Dundee. They then have to drop off the hired camper van and the crew members so they expect to be back in Guisborough quite late tonight.

Make sure you get a copy of the Northern Echo today - Mike Amos interviewed Sharon at the finish last night and it should be in todays paper.

More news will follow from Sharon herself when she has recovered enough to start typing!

DAY 13 - 15th September


Sharon has done it!!
Her official time is 12 days 16 hours and 23 minutes setting a new world record.

Bill called whilst Sharon was signing the End to End book and they have all been celebrating with champagne. Sharon is going to speak to Mike Amos from the Northern Echo on her way to the campsite and get some very well deserved rest and will add more to the website tomorrow.


Last but one diary entry! Sharon is now just 10 miles from John O Groats - at 9.10pm. Bill is currently cycling alongside her for the final miles and they are just approaching a small village called Keiss.

After the worst weather of the trip last night when everything got soaking today started drizzly but has fined up and they have even had some sun! However Bill reports that as they near John O Groats the weather is getting cold and misty.

Today is Bill?s birthday and he is hoping for a birthday drink of champagne pretty soon! The team have been spoiling him today with cards and pressies.

Sharon?s feet are her biggest problem at the moment and despite regular dips in icy water they are still burning up. She has done a combination of running and walking again. She was interviewed by Heather McWilliams of ITV Tyne Tees by phone at 4.10pm, and that was broadcast tonight just after 6pm. Heather also plans to interview Sharon in Guisborough on Monday (for those outside the Tyne Tees area I will try to get the movie files for downloading like before).

A local Councillor is going to be at John O Groats to verify the record breaking time.

59.4 miles today, total 837 miles.

Check back later tonight ? I will be staying up until I get that call to say Sharon is there!

Sharon and the team plan to spend the night near Wick tonight and return to Guisborough tomorrow.

DAY 12 - 14th September 9:30pm

Sharon and the team have had rain all day today, but one thing that lifted their spirits was seeing the first sign for John O Groats at 7.20 this morning.

Sharon's feet are very tender now and she is struggling to get her shoes on. She is needing to walk for 1/2 hour before she is able to run, and has done a combination of running and walking in each of the 4 hour sessions today covering just over 15 miles in each stage.

Traffic has been very busy on the A9 and at one point both Bill and Sharon had to dive off the road when they heard white van man skid and swerve behind them.

Phone calls from the media are now getting more frequent with the end almost in sight, several reporters and photographers are in touch so they can be at the finish. Mike Amos from the Northern Echo is amongst the reporters travelling all the way up to John O Groats.

Sharon has now lost about 6lbs in weight almost all during the second week, her weight having stayed stable during the first week.

Sharon is still on course to finish about midnight on Friday night which works out at a predicted 12 days and 17 hours. If she can do that she would beat the existing record set by Sandra Brown in 1995 by around 17 hours.


64.1 miles today, total 777.6 miles.

DAY 11 - 13th September 9:50pm

Today Sharon has been making more good progress with a combination of running and walking. After a wet morning they had a dry afternoon. In her first 3 sessions she has covered 16, 18 and 15 miles and Sharon and the team called with their update from just north of Aviemore. They hope to get near Inverness before their nightstop.

Sharon has needed her feet to be regularly put in iced water and has also needed some sleep in the day, but generally is feeling better than when just walking as she has more rest time.

Sharon sends her thanks for all the messages of support sent via this website, they have really helped her.

Currently Sharon is on course to finish late on Friday night.

65 miles today, total 713.5 miles.

NOTE: Apologies for getting the name of the Edinburgh running shop wrong - the shop who provided socks and support for Sharon is 'Run and Become, Become and Run'.

DAY 10 - 12th September 10:40pm

The support crewToday has seen the team back up to full strength with 5 members - they have been joined by Murdo who is going to cook for everyone for the rest of the week.

Sharon has been brought some top of the range running socks by Adrian Stott from 'Run and Become, Become and Run' in Edinburgh and Adrian also walked the Edinburgh leg last night with Sharon. Also last night Sharon was joined by Bert Hannah who met her on the north side of the Forth Road Bridge and walked to Kilty with her. At that point they stopped for the night as Sharon was still suffering with her quads and her feet burning up.

Today though, to the teams surprise, Sharon started running again, and has dug deep and run all four of the 4 hour stints today. Sharon covered 18 miles in her first quarter and 17 in the second, and Bill estimates she will cover 64 miles as a result and the morale of Sharon and the whole team has been boosted greatly.

On the A9 Sharon was stopped by the police and told to run on the grass, which was very difficult for her as it was very uneven, however luckily it wasn't long until they went onto a B-road and then onto a cyclepath.

Sharon's running seems almost back to normal and is a big help as it allows her to have more rest time as well as cover more miles. She is still on course for beating the record.

65.5 miles today, total 648.5 miles.

DAY 9 - 11th September 9:40pm

Setting off after a break near Johnstonbridge (Day 8)Sharon is feeling better after getting more sleep last night. They hope to be over the Forth Road bridge before 10pm tonight and aim to stop near Kinross for the night. After a rainy start today the weather dried up and the evening is mild which is helping Sharon.

Sharon is needing to ice her feet every couple of hours and her pulled muscle is still preventing her from running but she is in high spirits and confident of beating the record. The team have now recalculated her time with current walking speeds and the estimated time now is 12 days and 20 hours.

Sharon has been encouraged today by a generous donation of £500 from the University of Teesside and also cheered on by children at a leisure centre near the Forth Road Bridge and has been signing autographs.

56 miles today, total 583 miles.

DAY 8 - 10th September 8:30pm

Getting ready for the next 4 hours in the camper vanIt was a late finish last night and Sharon didn't get to bed till 2am and then up early and started at 5am. Because Sharon has the quad injury she is still walking but is still only 4hr behind schedule today.

She received a few visits today from Carolyn Hunter-Rowe who manages the Ultra Squad, she spent a few hours with her on the bike travelling through Gretna. Plus Ella and Geoff Towers came to see her at Johnstonbridge but at this point Bill said she was very tired on her feet and needed a rest to catch up on sleep so Sharon took an energising nap for one hour and start again soon after. Her feet are tender but she is still going strong.

53.4 miles today, total 527 miles.

DAY 7 - 9th September 8:30pm

6am start and weather is warm, Bill tells me Sharon is still suffering from quad injury in her left leg which is preventing her from bending her leg. Sharon is still in good spirits though and will still manage to break the record at this rate, but she will not break the record on the current schedule as she is 4hr behind today.

Sharon received a visit from Ian, Tanni Grey Thompson's husband, he brought along their daughter Carys. Some of Sharons other friends from running also came to visit her, newly-weds Shaun and Michelle O'Grady were on their honeymoon when they spent some time with Sharon along the route.

Thanks to Ramona and Andy for helping out so far, they will be returning home today. Alan and his neighbour Dave have came out to replace them for the rest of the route to John O Groats.
59.1 miles today, total 473.6 miles.

DAY 6 - 8th September 8:05pm

Running through Warrington last night, and Sharon received loads of support from passers by. They gave lots of encouragement and
even bought energy drinks for her.

Good start this morning at 6am the weather was cold but dry. Martin Dietrich who runs for North Yorkshire club who lives in Great Ayton came down to Wigan and ran with Sharon for an hour.

Soon after this Sharon started to feel pain in her left leg, she's been suffering pretty bad with it and has walked the rest of the day which has left her 1hr behind schedule, hopefully after some rest tonight Sharon will be feeling much better and she can make up lost time.
60.5 miles today, 414.5 miles.

DAY 5 - 7th September 8:10pm

6am start again the weather was pretty cold this morning. But Sharon is in high spirits from the support she received last night from Onibury. Sharon would like to thank the local radio station and her sponsors Mannatech for this.

Sharon has been relaxing her feet in ice water after runs to try and combat the tenderness. So far that is working and they are healing well.

She seem to be making quite a bit of time up each day but still using this time to rebuild energy. She has lost only 1/2 lb in weight so far. She doing really well to keep her weight balanced, it must be all of the great cooking Ramona is doing for her. Her support team are all getting on great and helping brilliantly.
They had their second puncture today on the bike, Andy soon fixed it though.
66 miles today, total 354 miles.

DAY 4 - 6th September 8:10pm

6am start this morning, the weather was nice and mild. Sharon enjoyed meeting up with Davis Davies the MP of Monmouth who ran with her for a few miles.
Sharon is feeling better today and is in good spirits although her feet are now starting to feel tender and she had her first Asthma attack today running through Hereford the traffic was pretty bad and the fumes got to Sharon so she had to use her inhaler which put her back on schedule after making an hour up on the first stretch this morning.

Sharon is receiving lots of support from passers by and one village called Onibury all came out to see her and wished her well with the world record attempt.
Mannatech her sponsors cam out to see her for a bit as well.
Sharon's final stretch tonight leeds her up to the A49 which she says she not looking forward to.
64.2 miles today, total 288 miles.

DAY 3 - 5th September 8:30pm

On the last 4 hour stretch last night Sharon met up with one of her fellow 24 hour ultra distance runners Rob Wood who helped Sharon a great deal running along the Canal of Taunton. Last nights run brought the team to Somerset.

6am start this morning, the weather was mild and in the first 4 hours Sharon developed her first blister. She quickly dealt with it and carried on. One hour was made up this morning but still keeping to the schedule so Sharon can meet people along the route and also build up on her energy.

There has been a few rough patches along the route today, running up the M5 was a low point for Sharon. But a rest and something to eat and Bill says she felt much better.  On to her next stretch of running which was along the estuary the weather was sunny and nice which put Sharon in a much better frame of mind at this point there was a minor hiccup, the bike had it's first puncture.
Sharon is now heading towards the Severn Bridge and at the end of the bridge she will be meeting up with Norman Wilson. Norman selects the runners for the 24 hours teams.

Sharon also has another big meeting planned for in the morning, she will be meeting MP Davis Davies for Monmouth there will be reporters and  photographers there.
69.8 miles completed today, Total 223.8 miles.

DAY 2 - 4th September 8:05pm

It was a 6am start this morning for Sharon, the weather was nice. Running through Okehampton was busy with the morning traffic.

At 9.05am Sharon hit the 100 mile mark at a place called Stampford Station. Heading onto Crediton next where it was a long climb of 4 miles. Sharon say's she found it pretty hard and tiring.

Overall she is setting a great pace and is managing to keep an hour and a half ahead of herself. They are keeping to the schedule though. All the extra hours made up are spent relaxing and building up energy for the next day. All of the crew are getting on brilliantly by working to the 4 hour rotation plan of bike riding, driving and breaks with Sharon.
Sharon hopes to finish this day at 12pm instead of 1am as predicted.

70 miles today, total 154 miles.

DAY 1 -
3rd September 9:20pm

(c) The Evening Gazette

The World Record Attempt has started and Sharon is doing well. With a recent update by Bill her husband he tells me everything is going as planned.

At 7am the Mayor of Penzance, Dennis Axford officially opened the event. There was also one of the Evening Gazette photographers there which Sharon and Bill were both pleased to see.

The weather this morning was misty with occasional rain but as soon as Sharon started getting more inland the weather picked up and started getting better. The wind is behind her and helping her along.

Sharon has spent most of her day running on the A30 where she is currently out running now until 1am when she will have her well deserved rest until 6am tomorrow.
Sharon has been refuelling her energy on Milkshakes and Lucozade  supplied by her sponsors and eating pasta and rice dishes in her breaks.
84 Miles completed today.

1st September
The event will be officially started at Lands End  at 7am on 3rd September by the Mayor of Penzance, Dennis Axford and officially  finished by Councillor John Green at John O'Groats. 

There are several  stages where friends and ultra runners will come and run with me and also  well known people such as David Davies MP for Monmouth, Willie Rennie through  his constituency just north of Edinburgh, a runner and asthmatic, Mannatech, one  of my sponsors will be at Craven Arms (south of Shrewsbury) and even Ian, Carys  and Tanni Grey Thompson are also hoping to come and join me. 

At  present I think fear has taken over from excitement now that it has finally  arrived, this run is so much into the unknown for me and is hard to know what  will happen.  I have raced over 15000 miles throughout my career which  should put me in good stead but I have the niggling worry that my Achilles  injury sustained earlier in the year may not hold out the full distance.   

Wearing in lots of new shoes for this event recently has tweaked it a bit, I  have had to wear in three different size shoes to allow for my feet to expand,  but putting my feet in ice baths every few hours will help. 

This event has  taken so much preparation and already been postponed once I would hate it to  fail now, the support I have had has been amazing, the biggest response ever  from the public, everywhere I go people are wishing me good luck and even giving  me money for Asthma UK. As an example I had my hair cut at Just Cuts in Redcar  this week and there was a clipping from the Evening Gazette in the window for  all to see, they sponsored me and now have sponsor forms as well.   

Hopefully all this support and money raised will be the incentive to keep going  when the blisters appear and the legs stiffen up and tiredness and fatigue set  in.  If all goes well I should finish a little lighter and probably a lot  shorter on husband Bill's birthday on 15th September, the best birthday present  I could ever give him - a World Record Holder for a wife.  We will even run  through Gretna Green where we got married over 14 years ago!!


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