(C) London Marathon, press conference for Flora 1000 Mile Challenge, December 2002
(C) London Marathon, press conference for Flora 1000 Mile Challenge, December 2002


End to End in Ireland record attempt
Starting 25 March 2012

DAY 1:

Sharon and her crew arrived in Ireland on Friday and were well looked after by Paul Jenkins and family in Belfast. After a jog round the Park Run the team set off for Mizen Head arriving on Saturday night (24th March 2012) and prepared for an early start on the first day of the End to End record attempt.

Sharon has sent her first update at 5.30pm Sunday 25th March and so far she is progressing well with 60 miles completed. Sharon has reached Macroom after a misty start gave way to sunshine revealing fantastic scenery along the coast and over the mountains. The weather has been perfect and it's set to continue for the remainder of the record attempt.

DAY 2:

Sharon sent her update through at 6pm and had clocked up just under 150 miles. They've had a great day of glorious sunshine and Sharon has been able to run in shorts for the first time this year. She is steadily plodding away and notching up the miles.

Sharon ran late the first night to get off the N20 road. She is hoping to pass the halfway mark by about 48 hours. Bill and Martin are doing most of the cycling alongside Sharon and Alan is busy gathering witness statements and doing log book duties.

DAY 3:

At 7.20pm tonight Sharon reported back after another fantastic day. The only issues were with the support team's cycling! - Martin was so tired he nearly fell off the bike several times last night. Bill was also dozing on his cycling duties this morning and Alan fell off just getting on the bike!

Sharon says the running is easy by comparison and she is topping up her tan in beautiful sunny weather whilst making steady progress towards Malin Head. 226 miles were complete at the time of the report and the whole team was feeling confident about finishing on schedule.

DAY 4:

Sharon's update came from Strabane, 300 miles from the start at 5.50pm. Sharon had sausage and chips at lunch and just Frosties in the evening. Sharon is getting a bit tired now and both shins are tightening up particularly as there have been some big hills today but they anticipate taking around 20 hours off the record if things going according to plan finishing between 7 and 11am on Thursday.

DAY 5:

Sharon sent a text from Malin Head at 8.15am this morning having finished the End to End run in 4 days, 1 hour, 39 mins and 55 seconds.

That means she has knocked over 21 hours off the record!

Sharon says the crew only got 10 hours sleep in that time but everyone enjoyed the adventure. They celebrated with champagne before snatching an hours sleep and then returning to Belfast. The support team are flying home early in the morning and Sharon and Bill are taking the ferry and arriving back in Guisborough in late evening.

Sharon is really grateful for all the support she received.



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