Lands End to John O Groats
Lands End to John O Groats

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John O'Groats to Land's End - World Record 2019

At 7:30pm on Sunday 21st July 2019 I set off from John O’Groats with my team for the Guinness World Record attempt to run to Land’s End. I arrived at Land’s End on Friday 2nd August 2019 at 6:36pm. My goal of achieving a sub 12 day performance was on course until day 10, when sleep deprivation got the better of me and fell asleep on a grass verge. The sleepiness was hard to shake from that point onwards. The ultimate goal was to break the world record and this was achieved with 12 days 11 hours 6 minutes and 7 seconds.

I am the only person to have run a world record performance in both directions LEJOG and JOGLE.

Despite completing a recce of this event just 2 months prior to the attempt there was several obstacles placed in my way such as footbridges being condemned in Preston, building sites appearing where the path was, road closures due to accidents, scheduled road closures that I was aware of that were not completed on time and some very adverse weather. I experienced the hottest day of the year in Penrith, some torrential rain and flooding, but also had some amazing times with my crew that work tirelessly for me to achieve this goal.

The crew of Trevor and Linda McDermot and Izzy Wilkinson somehow found the time to create a facebook page for JOGLE to keep you updated with photos, videos and blogs of my progress along with the tracker to follow the dot that was me on my journey. They completed a detail log of the entire journey and had as little sleep as I did. Despite all this they claim this was the best holiday they have ever had and can’t wait for the next one.

Trevor and Linda, purchased their own campervan prior to this “holiday”, paid for much prior to and during the event and have still yet to ask a penny from me. These are people that work for a living the same as me. They are more generous than I could ever be and will be in their debt forever. There are numerous things that this couple did to simply make me feel special and put a smile on my face, some of which will of course be added to the book on this journey.

Izzy Wilkinson stepped in at late notice after another experienced crew member had to withdraw with health issues. With little guidance from me Izzy found all the worst possible moments to be alone with me, at the bridge closures, road closures and even the time I fell asleep. Izzy cycled, drove and even walked with me, always cheerful and simply the most perfect person to have next to you when things go wrong, probably from years of experience as a Police Traffic Officer!

Eleanor Robinson was there as my friend and fellow international athlete of many years. The most experience ultra-runner you could find and a world record holder of 1,000 miles. This was a record Eleanor never had the opportunity to break. Eleanor was to cycle with me on the first two blocks of each day, but as crew were slim on the first 3 days Eleanor did a little extra. Eleanor was with her partner Dave, who was only there to support Eleanor and not me. Dave had the biggest campervan of us all. Eleanor cycled, run and walked with me for sections every day and took the opportunity to arrange visits to friends some afternoons.

Dave Jones, another experienced Centurion dedicated a few days to supporting me in his own VW van and did most of his support on the last block at night in darkness. This was great to give some of the other crew and particularly my husband Bill, time to catch up with sleep and preparing things in advance of my arrival for sleep. aving set the LEJOG record in 2006, I plan to attempt to run JOGLE in 2019. In 2006 I had tried to break 12 days, but went just over 16 hours slower. So after another 13 years I hope to break my original plan of 12 days. I have a complete new crew, new route and new strategy in place to attempt this based on the lessons learned from my previous run. This will mean an average of 70 miles per day and 18 hours of running per day to achieve this goal. The elevation gain is over 33,000 feet of climbing.

There are many others that are supported in different ways:

Mark Love (from A Buckler demolition) has donated funds that will buy equipment such as signage, fluorescent tops, cameras and extras that are needed.

Northern Runner who provided my Altra shoes for the attempt.

Chia charge who have donated loads of high energy, easy to eat snacks that are local to me in North Yorks.

Ultra Marathon Running Store who have provided me with quality needed kit such as waterproof jacket and trousers, head torch, UD running pack and electrolytes.

Ella Towers for looking after Baxter the first week before takng part in her first Ironman and to David Jones, joining the event before returning to take over Baxter sitting duties.

 Lesley-Ann Interiors and Gifts with Signz at Skelton are also supporting this challenge.

Sponsorship: MIND (Redcar and Cleveland) is my chosen charity having lost several friends to mental health. A virgin money donation page has been set up for those wishing to donate:



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ITV Tyne Tees interview from 18/09/06

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ITV Tyne Tees interview from 24/08/06
File size: 6.6Mb
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Crossing the Forth Road Bridge
Crossing the Forth Road Bridge on the LEJOG Trial

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