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Sports and Remedial

Massage Specialists

Sharon and Bill Gayter are both fully qualified sports masseurs to NSMI standards


Welcome to Mobile Massage !   We are sports and remedial massage specialists based in Guisborough, Cleveland, UK.
Offering competitive rates for a top quality service you can call us out to your sports club/event or even to your home.
As well as sports people we practice remedial massage to help non-sports people recover from injury.
We have both male and female therapists qualified to NSMI standards and are competitive sports people ourselves - you can follow Sharon's progress as an International World Ranked Athlete by clicking here..  

What is 'sports massage'??
"Sports massage is defined as the application and manipulation and stretch methods to the muscle and connective tissues of the body for the purpose of enhancing athletic performance"
Techniques used include...
Dermal Lifting

Who can benefit?

  • Sports people preparing for events to be in peak form.
  • Sports people recovering from training/events.
  • People with muscle stiffness or aches, pains and pulls, repetitive strain problems through work or exercise.
  • Just to maintain peak fitness.

General effects of massage

  • Warms skin and increases blood flow.
  • Improves venous and lymphatic flow.
  • Increases permeability of cell membrane.
  • Speeds removal of waste products.
  • Speeds up supply of nutrients and oxygen.
  • Reduces scar tissue.
  • Increases range of movement

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