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November 2002

Flora 1000 mile Challenge was made public in a press release.  This event is repeating the challenge done by Captain Barclay back in 1809.  Six athletes will compete in this challenge, the other five athletes yet to be selected and presented in another press release on 17th December 2002.  The event will start of 2nd March 2003 at 4pm from Buckingham Palace and will end on 13th April, just in time to run the London Marathon.  All athletes will be housed in a converted bus and the route is up and down the London Marathon route 38 times.

October 2002

Having returned from holiday I had another weeks rest before doing some running.  I competed in the 100 mile track race at Crystal Palace commemorating the longest standing athletics record set by Don Ritchie twenty five years ago.  Although not back to full fitness following the foot damage last month it was nice to be at the event and ran 50 miles before withdrawing from the event.  The time limit was 17 hours and was unlikely to finish the race in this time.

September 2002

My biggest event of the year came at the beginning of the month - the European 24 Hour Championships, staged in Gravigny, France.  I had trained nine months just for this event and was full of confidence that I was able to improve my pb set earlier in the year.  The result though, was disastrous.  The one change I did was to my shoes.  As my feet swell and get very hot and blistered in the last quarter of the race I decided to split the sides of my shoes to let my feet expand and hopefully not blister so badly, I had tried these shoes in training runs, but obviously did not duplicate a 24 hour event.  After several hours I had many aches and pains in places never felt before and my feet were feeling very bruised. It was not until 16 hours when I realised what was causing the problem and by then the damage was done.  I continued until 19 hours before deciding there was nothing more to be gained by continuing and consequently withdrew just short of 100 miles completed.  I then had a weeks rest before going on holiday - backpacking the Coast to Coast, 190 miles, with Bill and our two dogs.

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