About the Therapists

Bill and Sharon Gayter formed the company of MOBILE MASSAGE to fill a niche in the Sporting World. Both are avid runners of fell, road and trail events. Bill is also a regular football player, and like all players regularly came home with muscle pulls and problems.

Sharon became an International athlete in 1994 and became more serious about her running (follow Sharons progress on this web site). Having qualified with a BSc (Hons) Sport Science to fulfil her understanding of the sport the obvious benefits of sports massage were evident. She then went on to lecture at both University and College in Sport Science.

Through her top 10 World Ranking status she achieved vouchers from UK Athletics to help towards physiotherapy/sports massage. To claim these vouchers the therapist had to be qualified with a diploma to the standard recognised by the NSMI (National Sports Medicine Institute). Unfortunately living in the Cleveland area there was no-one suitably qualified to treat her to redeem these vouchers and hence the niche in the market.

Bill and Sharon qualified by taking the in depth diploma offered by the Welsh Institute of Sport. Having regularly treated each other and gained the benefits they were then ready to help other sports people.

Sports people have to organise their time between work and family.  Why not take full advantage of MOBILE MASSAGE by being treated individually in the comfort and privacy of your own home or at your sports venue at a time that suits you?

They also felt that having the option of both male and female therapists would take the embarrassment out for those people not wishing to be treated by the opposite gender.

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