(C) London Marathon, press conference for Flora 1000 Mile Challenge, December 2002
(C) London Marathon, press conference for Flora 1000 Mile Challenge, December 2002


Athens International Ultramarathon Festival 2011
7 day race ~ 3rd to 10th April

Event website: www.dayrunners.gr
Chip timing update: www.championchip.gr/liveresults/2011/ultramarathon/7days/

Crossing the line at Kilometer 731 - breaking the existing British 6-day Road Record

Latest news........

Day 7: After breaking the British record and with there being no records for 7 days, I took the day off to recover and was still able to win the 7 day race with my distance achieved. The circuit we were running on was a lot busier with 6 hour runners, 12 hour runners and 24 hour runners.

Day 6: Amazing news from Athens: with over 4 hours still to go Sharon broke the current British 6-day road record of 730.6km! After a short rest she carried on to the end clocking up 750km, exceeding the record by over 19km. More details to follow soon...

Day 5: Sharon sent a text when there was just over 24 hours to go - it was another scorcher in Athens and she was just managing to keep going as she is suffering with a right thigh problem. At least the strong winds had subsided and despite the niggles Sharon is feeling confident about the British record knowing that, with only 104 kms to go, even if she walks from now on she should make it.

Day 4: Sharon has passed the 500km mark on Day 4 and is in fine spirits. The weather has been wild and windy and particularly overnight when the championchip mats, portaloos, cones and railings all nearly blew away. Gusty weather during the day has slowed progress but Sharon continues to edge ever closer to the British 6-day record. Bill is doing a cracking job making 5 meals a day with just a kettle and a microwave and the only thing in short supply is his own sweets!

Day 3: Sharon reports that the third day went more smoothly than Day 2 and she has now completed 393km despite strong winds today. Her feet are burning up a bit after getting sunburnt over the first two days but Sharon can't afford to reduce her pace if she is to reach her target of 731km in 6 days. This distance would break the British 6-day record.

Day 2: Sharon broke through the 200km mark after just 28hours and by the end of Day 2 has reached 278km. However, things haven't been going like clockwork and Sharon has made some adjustments to the planned schedule, learning from the experience so far. The weather has been very hot with relentless sun.

Day 1: The weather in Athens is looking warm and sunny for the week ahead - just how Sharon likes it. A message at the end of Day 1 said that 100km were completed before bed and Sharon rested from 1am to 5am. Before the end of Day 1, Sharon had completed 100 miles and was pleased with how things were going.


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