(C) London Marathon, press conference for Flora 1000 Mile Challenge, December 2002
(C) London Marathon, press conference for Flora 1000 Mile Challenge, December 2002


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December 03
This was a very quiet month, taking a six week break from hard training and ticking over on around 20 miles a week. Much of my time was spent digging the foundations for a garage in the back garden.

November 03
Just had a couple of races recovering from 24 hours and ticking over until the World Veterans 100km in Taiwan. Had a poor run in Taiwan on a hot, humid, hilly course. Suffered with asthma in the second half of the race and had to lay down and be seen by medics at approximately 55km into race. Planned a six week break after this event to recover from the exertions of the year and build up again starting from January next year.

October 03
This was to be the big month, the important event to maintain my number one status in Britain for the 7th consecutive year. I did this is style with 205km (128 miles). My target had been to reach 190km in order to gain the selection criteria for next years world championships and had been confident of reaching 200km. I knew I was not in shape to break by pb due to various small injuries sustained since the Flora 1000 Mile Challenge and had not got up to my normal mileage. My only disappointment was that I only came 15th in the World, I had hoped that a performance in excess of 200km would keep me in the top 10, but this was such a high class event that it proved to be the best ever event ever held over 24 hours in terms of performances, there had never been so many athletes to break the 200km mark in any event.

September 03

I am continuing with the heavy mileage and have 3 marathons planned for the month. By the end of the month all the hard work will be done and I will taper for the World 24 Hour Championships in Uden, Holland on 11/12th October.

Sep 2nd - Coch Howe Fell Race (6 miles), 4th lady
Sep 7th - Billingham 10km, 4th lady
Sep 14th - Robin Hood Marathon
Sep 21st - Lockwood Bounder (23 miles)
Sep 28th - Loch Ness Marathon

August 03
This was a heavy month of mileage and racing. I achieved steady improvement over the month and a big increase in my weekly miles. I did lots of short races for speedwork and three races of marathon distance. At the end of the month I did the Dales Traverse which included approx. 7000ft of ascent, and I finished overall joint first with the first man.

Aug 3rd - Harrogate 10Km
Aug 7th - Langdale End Fell Race (6 miles)
Aug 9th - Hanging Stone Leap (24 miles), 1st lady, 7th overall
Aug 10th - Darlington 10Km
Aug 12th - York 5km (1st lady V35)
Aug 16th - Race the train (14.8 miles)
Aug 19th - Fox & Hounds Fell Race, 2nd lady
Aug 23rd - Two Bridges (35 miles)
Aug 30th - Dales Traverse, 1st overall

July 03
I ran for England in the 100km Anglo Celtic Plate at Edinburgh on 6th July. I had another disappointing run and finished in 4th place, but England retained their unbroken record of winning the event in both the mens and womens team events. Since pulling out of Apeloorn 24 hour race I have struggled to remain injury free and my fitness has suffered. A third of the way into this race I pulled my right gluteal muscle on one of the many
tight bends and slowed up considerably. As there was a team medal at stake I continued on and had a slow finishing time of 9 hours 47 minutes, an hour slower than predicted.

Although this was a bad performance I was not confident going into the event and lack consistent training and have not returned to my normal mileage since the Flora 1000 Mile Challenge. I now have a few months to prepare myself properly for the World 24 Hour Championships being staged in October and am confident I have the time to pick myself up again to retain my British number one status for this event.

I am the only female selected for the combined World and European 24 hour championships to be held at Uden in Holland on 11/12 October 2003. Mens team selected is Stuart Buchan, William Sichel, Adrian Stott and Walter Hill.

June 03
The 24 hour race in Apeldoorn, Holland didn't go to plan! I had to pull out due to injury after completing 7hours / 66 kms. I think I sustained the injury whilst spending the week prior to the event kitting out our new van as a camper van so we could use it in Holland. I strained my adductors and this led to other problems in the 24 hour race.

May 03
Done a couple of 10km races around the 42 minute mark and Leeds Marathon in
3 hours 18 minutes. The following week I did the National 50km race in 4 hours 10 minutes as so am back to my normal racing routine. My training has been around the 70 miles per week mark and not back to over 100 miles yet.
The big challenge comes at the end of the month when I will compete in Apeldoorn in Holland at 24 hours. Last year I did 217km in this race and would like to think I could make it to 200km this year. Selection for GB is 190km

April 03
Completed the Flora 1000 Mile Challenge and did the marathon in a time of 3 hours 34 minutes. I was pleased with my time considering my best time last year for the marathon was 3 hours 21 minutes at Blackpool.

Scans revealed that I lost 2.5kg of muscle from my legs and made the time even more surprising. Recovery did not take long but it was about five days before I slept properly, I kept tossing and turning until the Friday night. On that Friday I did a 10 mile race at Marske in 74 minutes and the following Monday an off-road 10km Race. I was tired for about five days once I slept properly but never needed any extra sleep from my normal 10pm - 7am routine.

March 03
This is the big month of the challenge. My training in Oz went very well, the warm weather helped my asthma and had no problems. Did a 15km race in Melbourne coming third in 65 minutes off some very heavy training. Did not complete the planned 100km race in Canberra due to several reasons (not my ability!!).

Been busy for the few days I was home with catching up and media requests. Will send updates on my progress during the event to this website, you can also follow me on Sunday Grandstand (live start on TV with the Prince Andrew, Duke of York at 4pm on Sunday 2nd March). Updates also via Radio Five at 7:30pm every day and Daily Mail is the reporting newspaper for the event. Local news may also pick up on coverage (via London news).

February 03

This month will be spent warm weather training in Australia. My plans changed due to the bush fires and had planned a 100km race in Canberra, but fear this will be cancelled. Our accommodation plans also had to be altered as many of the major cities such as Sydney and Melbourne have a haze of smoke and so will be hiring a campervan so we are free to travel to a smoke free zone. Travelling out on 2nd February, returning on 24th February for a few days to recover from the journey before the big event.

January 03
Back into heavy training again to get as fit as possible before the big event. Some good news is that the new managing director of my sports nutrition supplements (Mannatech) has agreed a new contract for the year (the fourth consecutive year) and Elle MacPherson Intimates has agreed to cover all my training costs for the year, this includes a warm weather training trip to Australia in February and Altitiude Training leading up to the two World Championship events in 24 hours and 100km later on in the year. It started with a spell of snow and ice and was reduced to running at the gym on a treadmill and a disastrous first race of the year at Scarborough. I suffered an asthma attack just eight miles into this marathon event and was forced to withdraw, probably as a result of being inside all week and having a hard run into freezing conditions. I recovered from this to successfully navigate the Eston Nab fell race coming home in third place. This will probably be my last race until the London Marathon.

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